Sustainable Horizons


To travel is to expand. The way you live, think and inhabit the space of everyday life. When we travel we not only change our external worlds but our internal ones too. We search for something we never knew existed and take those moments home with us, implementing new practices into our everyday life. We do this in the way nature builds its ecosystems – it’s organic, existential and fundamental to our survival.

Like architecture, travelling strips back our identity to its core foundation. We become accountable for the way we live and the impact we have on our planet. When we experience new lands, new cultures, we are rooted in the now – yet it propels us to look at our future. It confronts us with world issues – climate change, collapsing infrastructures and endangered ecosystems. We step into a sphere we cannot ignore – its here, in front of us and our planet needs our help. We must not wait for others to take action – we must do it ourselves.

As a practice, we are on a journey to make an architecture that is sensitive to our planet’s needs – to live simply and sustainably. We need to start somewhere. Here. Now. Today. As a team, we constantly discuss ways in which we can help the planet breathe cleanly again. Whilst change won’t happen overnight, it is gradual and ongoing. Yet the impact of consciously thinking, acting and living more sustainably is huge. We need to remind ourselves that as human beings, we are architects of this planet’s existence. We are not powerless but powerful. We have the choice to actively destroy or consciously help protect this extraordinary planet that we all call home. We need to bring architecture’s relationship with space back to the origins of where its own home resides – deep within the mysteries of the universe.

We live in time, space and matter. But Earth’s continuation lies in our hands. Are we prepared to make changes to our daily routines? Are we ready to challenge unsustainable norms?

We are. Are you?

Stephanie Wilson
Hannah Cummings

Kristian Hyde