Space to Think


We run. Through land, sand, earth and ocean. When we run we begin to feel again as our body drifts slowly from space to place. Time is still and the world, for a second, feels softer. We search for existential truth, the place where we can craft our sense of belonging - the space where we can call home. Yet our body is the only home we will have forever. Like architecture, our bodies are wild, tumultuous and brilliant - but we weather like the winds that beat on builds near shore.

Running is the space we seek, the quietness we crave and the language we need when our worlds spin too fast. When we run, we find ourselves alone in nature or in city. We assess the sphere around us and question how we got here. Working, living and running by the coast takes us to ’the edge’. We are on the cusp of new lands, open waters and raw ideas. From its changing shoreline, structure is bending and what is left is what we want to create. As we run from coastal path to bay, through woodland to open meadow, our bodies are earthed again.

Running is about nurturing our internal homes. In the same respect we hope building will capture our sense of identity, running takes us back to the concept of form, back to our physical core - back to where architecture began.

Words Stephanie Wilson
Photography Kristian Hyde