Detail Obsession


Inspired by the Gothic revival style and language of the existing 1870’s townhouse, the new contemporary intervention is an exploration and celebration of ornament. Expressed using a quatrefoil tectonic tile in steel and bronze, these symbolic tiles configure the facade with an intelligent play of motif. The new addition communicates built meaning visually through a series of regulating lines and proportional relationships, expressed in steel channels and framed brick facades. The new addition is supported on the dominant public elevation by a singular white concrete column. An inverted copy of its Gothic window counterpart, embedded within the existing house façade, both elements are entwined in an interplay between solid and void. The new addition can be deconstructed into a series of elements or components whose existence and intense detail is wholly dependent upon the language of the main house and its historical narrative of decadence, mouldings and datums.

Kristian Hyde