Composed in Cardiff


Our proposal for a new Cardiff architecture in a leafy suburb balances the demands of the local conservation area, whilst ensuring no compromise is made with regards to the rigour and boldness of the architecture itself.

A new entrance with integrated turning wheel for parking subdivides the home into a new annexe with a master suite and study.

The proposed floor plan is predominantly 'open-plan', with spaces created and contained by ‘objects’ or ‘cores’. These designed elements are both functional as well as fundamental shapers of space, providing storage and bookshelves, as well as opportunities for moments of visual connection through the home, from one space to another. It’s these glimpses that make space magic.

These simple moves - open up the existing house into a vessel for light and life through the freedom afforded by objects displaced in space.

Through the act of designing it’s easier to add than subtract. Or in other words, good architecture is often the result of what is left out, rather than what is added in.

Kristian Hyde