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Hyde + Hyde @ building wales exhibition

Building Wales – The Growing Architecture of a Small Nation

We are currently exhibiting Idle Rocks and Pennard House projects at the 'Building Wales' exhibition, which opened on 29th September 2011.

The exhibition is a celebration of the diversity of Wales’ rich architectural heritage. Drawings, models and photographs of past schemes are included.

As part of Cardiff Design Festival 2011, Design circle have compiled this exhibition from over 25 ...

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Adain Avion – A Proposal: ‘The collective memory of the city’

Hyde + Hyde Architects are delighted to have been invited to participate in Adain Avion: ‘Artist taking the lead’ project, Cultural Olympiad 2012.

As the following cleverly choreographed Video explains; "Adain Avion, Incorporates the body of a DC9 airplane, transformed into a mobile art space. A social sculpture that comes to life in response to the transitory passengers that occupies i...

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