Hyde architects
Sea Pictures Gallery
Clare Suffolk
A new garden room hovers above an ancient landscape
A room for art
Front facade
The addition responds to context as its extruded
Life within
An outdoor room
Linear roof forms pay homage to the castle beyond

The four storey grade 2 listed property is located within the heart of the village of Clare in Suffolk and is home to the popular ‘sea pictures gallery’ showcasing maritime artwork.

Following relocation from central London to the property in 2008 the clients approached hyde + hyde to refurbish the property.

The brief – to uncover original period features lost beneath years of adaptation, whilst simultaneously addressing the poor functionality of the existing rear extension with a contemporary language.

Further investigation revealed the property also benefits from a large mature garden and spectacular views of a castle at the foot of the garden.

Observation from the castle vista also revealed a historic bricolage of rear extension precedents. It was our intention to reinforce this natural beauty of ‘complexity and contradiction’.

Research reveals the rear properties respond to the radial presence of the castle yet spatially within the private garden this is interpreted metaphysically as powerful forms extending into space.

We have attempted to continue this sensitive and natural theme of cascading and juxtaposed mono and pitched roofs. Creating a sense of historical continuity and a language that becomes lost within its context.