Hyde architects
Compluvium House
Langland Bay
Courtyard compluvium / impluvium
View from master bed across courtyard + relfecting pool to living room
Master bedroom garden
Celestial section night + day

The idea of creating an internalized private world is a timeless idea. One that has been in use as long as people have lived in constructed dwellings.

In ancient Rome the Impluvium is the sunken reflecting pool within the atrium of a Roman House. Designed to carry away the rainwater coming through the Compluvium, or the void within the courtyard opening.

This project introduces a similar poetic language and uses the courtyard as a central focus for the home whilst celebrating the sounds and movement of rainwater.

A large skylight is positioned above key living spaces such as the entry space, bedroom and living room. These project vertically above the grass roof plane dramatically reinforcing the buildings connection with the wider context of sky and cosmos.

Hydrological elements such as the changing weather patterns and clouds push over these portal volumes pointing to the sky above, along with the contrails of transatlantic flights. At night and from the master bed and living room sofa, constellations can be seen tracing their arc from East to West across the Northern Hemisphere.

The home is intimate in scale, yet connected to a grandeur through a subtle play of devices and systems. The synergy of these create an appreciation for the micro and macro scales, conditions and relationships that are human and elemental in nature. They are all focused in intensity and exist only because of the subterranean nature of the site.