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Hyde + Hyde News – October

Planning has been achieved for the refurbishment of an existing house in Newton near the seaside village of Mumbles for a Production Designer.

The new master plan for the property includes internal reconfigurations to create more meaningful spatial relationships and incorporates a new lap pool and garden courtyard.

A garden annex is also proposed along with a slick black rectangular cine...

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Hyde + Hyde News – September

Its been a busy month in the studio. The highlight was undoubtedly receiving planning permission for a new home on the Gower Peninsula in South Wales.

The form and materiality is influenced by vernacular agricultural buildings nearby and is clad in dark grey corrugated metal profiling, allowing it to dissolve into the surrounding woodland.

The home will be constructed using prefabricatio...

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Hyde + Hyde News – August

This month the studio developed a design for a temporary and transportable refuge for hikers in Iceland.

The title of our proposal Vegvísir symbolises protection. It was believed that the wearer of this symbol wouldn’t get lost and would always find their way home. The plan of the cabins references the cross circular geometry of the Vegvisir symbol, a late medieval bind-rune that was a m...

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Hyde + Hyde News – July

We have been awarded planning permission for a small annex extension to one of the first houses we ever built. This little piece moves away from our former design sensibilities, but simultaneously compliments the existing house materially, and formally.

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Hyde + Hyde News – June

It is important to kick back and enjoy the finer things in life. When the sun shines in South Wales the sea calls. Balancing work life with the contemplative beauty of paddle boarding on the Gower peninsula.

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Hyde + Hyde News – May

Planning permission has been received for our Compluvium House. Formed around the principles and classical proportions of a Roman villa; a central impluvium collects the rainwater harvested by the compluvium above - the ‘eyelashes’ of the building.

A nurtured narrative of harnessing the predictability of the Welsh weather creates an inner world rich in atmosphere.

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Hyde + Hyde News – April

The studio has been commissioned to design a new contemporary residence in Somerset.

Our website has been updated with new project content, including our design for the Alvar Aalto Museum connection in Jyväskylä, Finland.

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Hyde + Hyde News – March

This month we received planning for a refurbishment and radical addition to a 1870 townhouse in the heart of an Oxford conservation area.

Inspired by the Gothic revival style of the existing townhouse, the addition is an exploration of ornament expressed using a quatrefoil tectonic tile. These tiles configure the façade with an intelligent play of motif; communicating built meaning through...

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Hyde + Hyde News – February

Hyde + Hyde have been shortlisted in a high-profile competition for a hillside housing development on the Faroe Islands.

The studio was the only UK architecture practice among the 23 multidisciplinary teams which were shortlisted from more than 140 submissions to the programme.

The studio visited the town of Runavík in the Faroe Islands as part of a collaborative workshop.

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Hyde + Hyde News – January

A contemporary residence overlooking the sea was submitted to planning this month. Located on the Gower Peninsula, the new home reflects its immediate context through a facade of reflective white glass, partially shrouded in a veil of timber.

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