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Cliff House – Site Progress

Cliff House - Site Progress

One of our recent projects a low carbon house is making great progress on site in Southgate, South Wales.

Perched up high on a limestone cliff overlooking the sea where the Bristol Channel meets the Atlantic a building is taking shape that will allow our clients to live among the ever changing light and atmosphere of the ocean; while significantly reducing their carbon footprint and dependance on fossil fuels.

The magic hour on site

While on site at dusk and immersed in discussions of details connections and general coordination with the site agent, it’s all to easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. The location, the ocean and the weather patterns nevertheless have a wonderful ability of tugging on the psyche. Ensuring we never forget the beauty of this place.

Before leaving I took this shot (above) from the roof having discussed the trim details with the roof installers enjoying the view after a hard days work.

Making + Framing

Elements of the design ensure that the building’s long term energy performance will be exceptional. Utilizing an Air source heat pump feeding a wet under-floor heating system with a whole house mechanical heat recovery ventilation. Hot water is stored in cylinder tanks assisted by solar thermal and an air source heat pump.

The building will be constructed of Insulated concrete formwork giving it a highly insulated air tight perimeter. That’s the white colour on the walls to the first photograph above. A dark grey render is then applied creating a more forgiving facade colouring within such an extreme environment.

Kristian Hyde