Hyde architects
Copper House – Site Progress

We have recently been involved with a high quality contemporary refurbishment and extension to a 1940′s modern home within the city of Cardiff, South Wales.

The following post tracks the construction progress…

Ground floor slab cast

The beginning; a monotonous, colourless ground foundation slab is cast in concrete on a cold November day.

Curved steel, an imprint of the existing curved window of the main house

A simple ‘purist’ curve in steel is set among a confident orthogonal tectonic. This element responds to the existing spiral curved glass windows of the main house facade and re-balances the composition of the overall home. A metal deck then spans between the steel sections awaiting the concrete pour, binding the independent elements together.

Central core – an angled wall at ground floor hints at the contextual geometires to the first floor

The first floor steel frame and metal deck is surrounded by a temporary tarpaulin, allowing our contractor to work continuously uninterrupted. Indifferent to the winter weather outside.  It also avoids any unnecessary delays and disruptions to the project.

Stair – steel fabrication

An unassuming mass of steel will soon be transformed into an elegant steel cantilever and oak stair to the first floor bedroom wing, anchored to an angled black wall.

We will post more images soon as things progress.