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Thoughts on Threshold + Detail

Pennard house - door detail

The way we connect – physically with the buildings that surround us everyday is often overlooked or given very little thought…

In our studio we spend time designing and discussing the way people engage with our Architecture. These tactile experiences can often evoke a metaphysical and sensuous reaction within us, between the real and the ideal, between memory and lived experience.

The door detail shown above,  a component of a completed project called ‘Pennard House’, shows a vertically slated timber door concealed within a vertical timber façade. This sort of ‘revealing’ of what we recognize everyday as a ‘door’, is given away only by the semiotics of ‘handle’ and ‘lock’.

Technically the mechanical cylinder protrudes through the front plate Escutcheon made of brushed stainless steel. 32mm x 32mm sustainably sourced timber battens chamfer away from the steel plate allowing the client to turn the keys without any interference from the timber battens. A clear functional strategy is revealed that reinforces a simple aesthetic beauty; to quote Dieter Rams philosophy, ‘good design is less design’.

The door only appears in its totality when we pull on the handle. At this point the solidity of the door is revealed through its weight, its pivot face swings open towards us and the combined experience of movement and detail reveals a clarity of thought that we may come to recognize as quality.

Kristian Hyde