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France House
France house
Side perspective

A new contemporary home is provided for a couple wishing to live among some of the most stunning views in the region.

Objects placed on an elevated plinth create and subdivide open plan space according to an intimate understanding of our client’s day to day lives.

The first floor provides a large living area, kitchen, dining and master bedroom all with views of the ocean. A cantilevered balcony also provides a pool to reflect sunlight deep into the property from the south. A rain pool to the rear of the plan separates study and kitchen space.

A double skin roof is introduced to layer the architecture, primarily to create sheltered areas outside the home away from wind and rain. This breaks down the overall mass and allows opportunities internally to create areas of intimacy and openness, depending on programme and use.

Internal light and atmosphere is then controlled by clearstory glazing set back between the two roof forms.

A low carbon solution for heating and hot water is provided through a ground source heat pump working in unison with a mechanical heat recovery unit. In addition the extensive upper roof surface aids collection of rainwater, as part of an overall rain water harvesting solution.

Glazing to the North is minimal to reduce heat loss during the long winter months, whilst solar heat gain to the southern elevation is moderated in summer by the large overhanging outer roof canopy.

As lecturers and researchers, as well as practising architects; France House is part of a wider debate on critical regionalism. It allows the practice to provide creative ideas in response to the desire for ‘outdoor living’ in a region and climate with high levels of precipitation.