Colts Hill House
Colts Hill House
Rear deck
Formal entrance hall

Colts hill house is a beautifully crafted home located in a dramatic setting. It’s an example of what can be achieved through Hyde + Hyde’s unique approach to the challenges of contemporary living. A result of over one year design research, exhaustive contextual analysis of the site and close collaboration with our energy consultants.

Close involvement with our client has enabled us to develop a high quality home that delivers luxury, functional clarity and a conditioned aesthetic honesty. This is achieved through careful proportioning, sophisticated spatial arrangements and the use of natural materials local to the area.

The house with its large glazed areas is filled with natural light and is formed from simple elegant materials such as Oak and Limestone, coupled with the structural thermal efficiency of concrete.

Colts Hill house will achieve an impressive code 4 environmental impact rating
and is in line with our practices commitment to creating environmentally conscious buildings for generations to come.

Its design inspiration makes direct poetical and metaphorical reference to the existing site conditions. The first floor is grounded within the natural cleft of the cliff face, while the first floor exposed timber structure with its cantilevering and expressive elements play on the analogy of the woodland structure surrounding the site.

In section the roof opens up like an eye lash to allow the woodland above with its measure of the seasons and its changing colours to directly influence the internal atmosphere of the home.

Colts Hill House + the Design Commission for Wales

In August 2008 Hyde + Hyde architects presented the following project to the design commission of Wales in Cardiff as a practice we were pleased to receive overwhelming support. Endorsement was given with regards to the integrity of the design proposal.