Josef Koudelka – Invasion Prague 1968

Josef koudelka - invasion prague 1968

In August of 1968 the Warsaw Pact Armies invaded Czechoslovakia. It took over 5000 tanks and hundreds of thousands of soldiers to put down the rising democracy.

As part of its annual study tour Hyde + Hyde Architects visited the Gallery of Photography in Temple Bar, Dublin and witnessed a profoundly moving exhibition of one of the most important works of photo-journalism in the last century.

The inspiring projection exhibition featured images selected by the photographer from his extensive archive and with his own commentary in French.

Koudelka’s photographs of the invasion were smuggled out of the country and were credited only to ‘Prague photographer’ to avoid reprisals to Koudelka and his family. The intensity and significance of the images earned the still-anonymous photographer the Robert Capa Award.

Exhibition: Opens 25th June 2009, 7pm Continues until 30th August.

for more information visit the Gallery of Photography, Meeting House Square, Temple Bar, Dublin